Forward Is The Mantra.


The Forward Publishing House is an independent press that is dedicated to utilizing literary arts as a medium for inspiring the expansion of thought. Our mission is to engage readers in a manner that encourages critical analyses of the world which they inhabit and its pertinence to everyday instances of life. Thorough examination of the world and one's self enables the reader to discover a respective sense of agency with regards to their journey. In other words, our books emphasize the evolution of one's existence by focalizing moments in which an individual is compelled to assess their sense of direction. The reader and protagonist evaluate the magnitude of their chosen trajectory, discovering that Forward is the most adequate direction.

Our Process

The Forward Publishing House operates as a small business, meaning that the preparation of literary works for public sale is an entirely independent process. Forward's founder and author, DeMareon Gipson, handles the responsibility of writing, printing, publishing, and shipping books by himself. This grassroots approach to the publishing and distribution of literature forsakes the hegemonic inclusion of corporate entities and creates direct, lasting relationships between the artist and those who wish to support the artist. Forward primarily emphasizes its online store and local bookstores to engage readers as opposed to mainstream third party retail sites. Furthermore, the independent business capabilities demonstrated by the Forward Publishing House serves as a prime example of artist empowering themselves and the communities that they represent.